The FFEB is an association of Building Experts with ten to twenty years of practical experience in the building trade at technical and/or managerial positions.

Expert d'assuré Bâtiment

Hiring the services of a building expertise firm is often essential when faced with a building pathology (cracks in the façade, water infiltration, etc.). The scope of Building expertise is a rather large and complex one.

An independent building expert works exclusively on behalf of policy-holders (professionals or individuals), whether within the context of a negotiation with an insurer or within the scope of any other mission.

You, the FFEB, and our expert members

You, the building issues which you are faced with: Perimetric cracks, subsidence of slabs or floor, non-compliant external networks, frames and roofing unfit for their purpose, gable haloes , overflowing gutters, dangerous railings, defective heating or air-conditioning, non-joining door frames, moisture in the rooms, non-conforming mechanically-controlled ventilation (MCV), non-compliant insulation …

But also, confused progress of your fieldwork, need of assistance in the acceptance of works, decennial refused by the expert of your insurance, conflict with your neighbor questioning the developments, diagnostics to be established, technical advice prior to your decision to initiate work.

But again: Regulatory and documentary support, editorial assistance for the proper management of your files, customized assistance.

Expert members of FFEB, their approach shared to meet your need:


Damages encountered

Are you victim of a disorder, damage in your home?

  • Water damage
  • Envelope/coating
  • Moisture, hail
  • Electrical disorder
  • Roofing
  • Crack, Foundation, etc.


Are you planning a real estate purchase, or works in your home?

  • Technical validation of your projects
  • Regulatory audit
  • Technical audit
  • Validation of the cost of work
  • Assistance in project handover
  • C.E. Arbitration

Information to the public

Concerning the FFEB and its members

The FFEB is not intended to promote its members, but we do inform the public of member write-offs to prevent the use of usurped link with FFEB.

  • Franck GUENIN (Removed from FFEB on 05-11-2022)

To ensure your expertise mandate, request the business card with its embossed stamp, or ask for confirmation of membership by e-mail:

For further information: contact the FFEB secretariat, preferably by e-mail.



Our range of services to meet the needs of building professionals allows FFEB experts to provide you the following expertises:

Fieldwork control:

FFEB experts carry out spot checks of expertise planned with you on site to assist you in the best practice of the implementations in compliance with their technical specifications (CCTP) and regulations, with a view to «zero after-sales service».

Fieldwork monitoring:

In addition or not to the on-site pilots, the FFEB experts monitor the implementations of your subcontractors both in terms of equipment and installation, in accordance with the standards in force, which comply with the established specifications.

Technical advice:

The FFEB experts bring you their support to validate the technical proposals of your subcontractors.

Post-programming preliminary support:

With the support of our network and with regard to the skills of our members, we bring you the technical complements and solutions that will preserve the Architectural will, while allowing you to optimize the economic cost of inputs to the project.

  • Expert control of the compliance with mandatory administrative and regulatory rules
  • Expert validation of the technical choices in relation to the work project of the company and the client specific terms and conditions (CCTP), to avoid inconsistencies
  • Expert validation of the set-up, technical, contractual and human organization in order to meet the requirements and/or specific terms and conditions.
Expert validation when discrepancies occur
  • budgetary (cost of works)
  • disputed technical implementation
  • disputed work situation
  • obligation to advise or alert during work in process.


The experts shall be able to lend you their full support in your legal steps to:

  • securing your contracts and to ensure this way their effectiveness
  • preparing and managing your litigation files in order to increase your chances
    of success

These services are carried out in partnership with the law firm of Maître GHEBALI, specialized in real estate and construction

Other services provided by the FFEB


Collective and individual information sessions:

FFEB organizes with its training partners, lawyers, and experts, Intra and Extra Institution grouping sessions, to share their technical and regulatory knowledge based on specific case-studies of their job experience for modules of the following types:
  • Risk and adverse incident management
  • site monitoring Management, technical and administrative aspects
  • Technical aspects specific to pathologies
  • Proactiveness, critical points and after-sales service
  • Builder’s liability
  • Insurances

FFEB can also customize or create programs based on specific requests

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FFEB | Who are we?


The FFEB (French Federation of Building Experts) is an association of Building Experts, where each member has been certified as a Building Expert by a CERTIBAT-approved training organization (OF-2014-02-10) and has ten to twenty years of practical experience in the building industry, at technical and/or managerial positions. Our structured organization allow us to collect and value the experiences acquired among our network members, to allow our members to make them available to their respective clients.