Thermal Expertise

Why carry out a thermal diagnostic?

Energy performance will be the focus of the next decade and will affect the price of your buildings. That involves a thermal diagnostic that will identify the first energy failures of the housing.

The general goal is to know the definite energy needs of housing and therefore to start by detecting heat losses.

Diagnostic & Expertise Thermique

For thermal expertise, elements such as floors, glazing, building envelope, roof, will be analyzed. Consideration will be given to the orientation of the building, the ventilation system, the heating, as well as the materials constituting the habitat.

In margin of this approach, the EPE (energy performance diagnosis) is already regulated, It is likely that in the very near future the energy balance will be decisive in real estate transactions, and the valuation of goods.


The FFEB is an organization of Building Experts where each member has been certified as an expert by a CERTIBAT-approved training organization. Their seniority and their professionalism allow you, within a structured framework, to have a shared return of experiments. Training organization

The FFEB guarantees opinions of recognized experts and lawyers from the building industry.

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FFEB | Who are we?


The FFEB (French Federation of Building Experts) is an association of Building Experts, where each member has been certified as a Building Expert by a CERTIBAT-approved training organization (OF-2014-02-10) and has ten to twenty years of practical experience in the building industry, at technical and/or managerial positions. Our structured organization allow us to collect and value the experiences acquired among our network members, to allow our members to make them available to their respective clients.