Is there a building expert’s degree?

What is its legitimacy?

The holders of building expert’s degrees are very few, to our knowledge, there exists that of civil engineering mention building expert (réf 2142 of the ILO) recognized in 180 countries.

Expertise is a skill which develops around experience, multidisciplinary knowledge and vocational training.

  • There are certified training courses organized by AFNOR or OFIB that are provided to building professionals to become a building expert.
  • Then comes the experience, preferably technical and in structured companies that are a plus to access to this trade.
  • A complement in law is a plus in this legal context of the trade of expert.
  • The next parameter is the “morality of the expert”. It is up to you to check the commitments and professional standards to which your expert adheres.
  • Afterwards, by interviewing and discussing with the expert whom you will be soliciting, you will know if he is legitimate. Remember that you “hire” an expert, and not a technical operator.
  • Legal experts are listed and receive from the association of the juridical experts (with a dominant college of former architects) a training on legal procedure, but not of specific technical training, to our knowledge.
  • Adjusters are at the service of insurance business and receive an administrative training relating to their supervision, but without technical training, to our knowledge.

The FFEB is an organization of Building Experts where each member has been certified as an expert by a CERTIBAT-approved training organization. Their seniority and their professionalism allow you, within a structured framework, to have a shared return of experiments. Training organization

The FFEB guarantees opinions of recognized experts and lawyers from the building industry.

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FFEB | Who are we?


The FFEB (French Federation of Building Experts) is an association of Building Experts, where each member has been certified as a Building Expert by a CERTIBAT-approved training organization (OF-2014-02-10) and has ten to twenty years of practical experience in the building industry, at technical and/or managerial positions. Our structured organization allow us to collect and value the experiences acquired among our network members, to allow our members to make them available to their respective clients.